Home Learning for wb 13th July

Hi Y6.

This is your last week of home learning!

Celebrations – For All Children

As this is the final week, we would like you to think back on your time at St Wilfrid’s. Please can you produce a mind map of your memories of special times you have had here and how they made you feel. After this, please write an acrostic poem using ‘St Wilfrid’s’ as the word down the left hand side to share these memories with us. You can post these in the stream so that you can share them with your friends.


Sharing a dorm with my friends at the Oakes

Taking communion for the first time during a school mass.

Walking to school on my own.








We are sure you can think of lots of interesting things you have done!


If we had been able to have Leavers’ Mass, we would have asked you to write prayers of thanks to share in this service. Please have a go at writing one now and post this in the classwork section of Google Classroom.

ART – For All Children

At home, we will continue with our work on street art and, this week, we will focus on Banksy.

Find out about who Banksy is and what he did during lockdown to celebrate the work of the NHS.


Look at other examples of Banksy’s work and try to copy his style and create an image with a St Wilfrid’s theme. He usually uses stencil to create his pieces. Make a stencil of your own from card. Please share these with us on the Google Classroom stream.


Science – ALL CHILDREN – This will not be done in class

This week, we are doing the fifth lesson on rocks, what are the steps in the rock cycle. You can do this any day this week when you are at home. Remember, it is in the Y5 section because we have a two year rolling programme.


Additional science:


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