Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Stations of the Cross

Today the 5th of  April, Year 6 Class made artwork to do with the 13th or the 14th Stations of the Cross. We either did it by ourselves, with a partner or in a three. We had lots of fun making these! We could use a variety of different colouring materials which were from pastels to water colours to just colouring pencils. There were a lot of amazing pieces of work that happened today and here are some of the examples of the work that we produced.

By Max and PJ

Germination – A Week On

On the third of  April the class carried out different experiments using cress seeds. We independently planned them trying to find out what was the best way to germinate a plant.  Each person changed different variables: temperature, liquid, amount of liquid or light. We had lots of different results and some of them didn’t go to plan. A lot of plants died because the liquid got evaporated. Our main discovery was plant need water to germinate properly…