Monthly Archives: December 2018

WW1 Trench Re-enactment

There was great excitement today as we planned and took part in our trench re-enactment on the playground!

First, we imagined a character for ourselves, then we used boxes and card to make bayonets, guns, a dug-out and periscopes.

We set out the playground using furniture form the Y4/5 classroom. We used upturned chairs for barbed wire and tables in a zig-zag shape for the front line trench.

Finally we were ready! We took it in turns to be in the front line trench, the dressing station or the reserve trench.

The children really enjoyed it. It was great to see them applying their new knowledge from the topic.


First Advent Service

Will, Joseph and Jamie led us in our first Advent prayer service today. The theme was on hope. They shared a lovely reading from Isiah which showed us how God will look after us and how we should always have hope. We all placed a stone into a pool of water as a silent prayer asking for hope for someone we were thinking of.

This really was a wonderful, reflective end to the day. Thank you boys.

Thank you too to Mr Evans for joining us.