Monthly Archives: January 2018

Y6 Trench Re-enactment

As the grand finale to our WW1 topic, this morning we re-enacted the trenches on the junior playground!

The children carefully planned what to do and the equipment we would need. We used tables for trenches and upturned chairs for barbed wire. We made dummy heads and bayonets using cardboard tubes and boxes. Everyone had their own kit bag. Both trenches had a dressing station too.

When the commanding officer shouted ‘Stand to’ and blew the whistle, the soldiers went ‘over the top’ and into No-Man’s-Land.

Everyone enjoyed the experience. I have to say that the soldiers were not very attentive towards the injured though!

Amazing Animals and their Adaptations

Y6 are using their knowledge of adaptations to create their own amazing animals which are perfectly suited to their environments.

Below are the models so far. We are beginning to use the iPads to make our own movies to explain their adaptations to you. We hope to share these in the next few weeks.

Key adaptation – camouflage
Key adaptation – Spiky tail for protection from predators