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Update Tuesday 31st March

Hello again Y6,

It is lovely to see the tasks that you have been working on, thank you.

We’ve just got a few updates. Firstly, if you haven’t already, please do log into Google Classroom. Ask your parents to get in touch with school if you don’t have a log in.  Please look there each day if you can.

Secondly, we are looking at your work on Lexia (if you have it), TTRS, My Maths and on Google Classroom. We are leaving feedback and hope that you will respond to this. Please do make sure that you have read the instructions carefully – 3 times maybe :- ) – to make sure you know what to do. Sometimes, you don’t need to ask a question as the answer is there for you or someone else has already asked. These are all important skills for secondary school.

Please do think about the work you are doing on Charles Darwin. We have uploaded a story sheet to help you. Make sure you follow the success criteria on the blog and that you tell us if you agree with him being on a £10 note. Feedback has been left for those submitted so far.


Online Safety

Mrs Sadler has sent some information about Online safety lessons which might be of interest to you. She has asked you to look in the Online safety part of the blog.

Have a good day everyone.

Mrs Clements and Mrs Pearson 🙂

Home Learning Week Beginning 30th March

Good Morning Y6. We hope you have had a good weekend.

Thanks again for the amazing work you did last week.  It has been great communicating with you about it on the Google Classroom thread. If you haven’t been on yet, please do look. It is a good place to keep in touch.

PE – Get up and get energised! Join Joe in his daily 9am workout.

RE – Please see the link below to 15 prayers you might like to say at home.

15 Prayers During School Closure

 Lexia – if you have a Lexia account, please do continue to use it. We will be checking in daily to see how you are getting on.

English – Please see these activities and links below:

Ark English Mastery Week 2 activities (see pack handed out in school)
Key Learning: To write a character description using accurate punctuation.

Choose someone in your household (it can be a pet) to write a character description about, practising your punctuation use. Use this example of WAGOLL. Remember to use all of the KS2 punctuation and SPaG objectives. Please note – post this work on google classroom classwork.

My dog is not like any other dog: he thinks he is human at times. At dinner time, he sits and waits until I’ve finished my cup of tea, then he slurps the bottom of the cup- it goes everywhere! Walter is his name; he has shiny, gingery fur with a black face. Wrinkles cover his face because he is a bouncy boxer dog. He is a very crazy dog: he lunges at people when they walk past; he runs after the next-door neighbours cat; and he slobbers all over my carpets. I would not change him for the world though.

SPaG included:

Colons to separate independent clauses
My dog is not like any other dog: he thinks he is human at times.

Semi-colons to separate independent clauses
Walter is his name; he has shiny, gingery fur with a black face.

Dashes to create an informal (funny,chatty) section
…he slurps the bottom of the cup- it goes everywhere!

Expanded noun phrases
shiny, gingery fur with a black face.

Colons and semi-colons to start a list
He is a very crazy dog: he lunges at people when they walk past; he runs after the next-door neighbours cat; and he slobbers all over my carpets. I would not change him for the world though.


Please complete the My Maths activities assigned to you. These are for revision but you can look at the lesson if you need help. Aim to get at least 85% on these please.

Please keep up Times Table Rockstars as well. It’s been great seeing so many of you on there daily (some people have gone up 4 or 5 levels just this week! Well done to you!)

Continue to use your maths knowledge organiser to make flash cards and test yourself on the basic maths facts you’ll need for secondary school. We’ll set up a class quiz in the coming weeks.

Extra Maths Investigation:

During an Olympic Games many national flags are on display

Flags of France, Jamaica, Spain and Chile are shown

Here’s a chance to investigate some of them.

Pick a flag and investigate some of the following:

  • What shapes can you see in it? Can you describe them and their angles?
  • Does the flag have any lines of reflective symmetry, if so how many lines?
  • Can you find any pairs of parallel lines? If so mark them on your flag.
  • Are there any lines perpendicular to one another?
  • Can you find a way to classify the shapes in your flag?

Now try with another flag.

We’ll set up a folder in the classwork section of Google Classroom for your answers.


Please see the assignment about Darwin in the classwork section of Google Classroom. There is a success criteria for you to follow and I will feedback against this. Work should be uploaded to the classwork section and not the thread for this please. Thank you!

Added Tasks – Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning Y6.  We hope you are well.

Audible is giving free access to all their children’s books at the moment. Use this link to access this:


Extra Maths:

Here is a maths challenge for you to have a go at if you have done the My Maths and the arithmetic test.:

You can explain your answers in a word document and upload them to the Classwork section of Google Classroom if you want to.  Please show how you have been systematic.

Please continue to use TTRS each day – this is just as key for success in maths at secondary school as it is at primary school.

Similarly, continue to learn the key information on your maths knowledge organiser. Test yourself using flash cards.


Here is a paper plane challenge from the STEM centre. You can upload any photos to Googl Classroom. I’ll set up a folder in the classwork section.

Make It Fly

Continue to use Google Classroom to keep in touch and ask any questions.

Home Learning wb 23rd March

Morning children!

We hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and that everyone in your house is well.

We’re going to set some activities for you to complete over the week.  The aim is that you spend an hour or two every day working on these tasks. Here are the activities for the week. You can choose what you do on each day, but we do expect you to complete everything.

We will check any online activities at the end of the week. If you have a question, use the stream on Google Classroom (Mrs Sadler showed you how to use this in ICT last Thursday) and one of us will get back to you. If you need help with this, please email Mrs Sadler.

Do check Google Classroom each day.

Activities to complete:


Maths Arithmetic paper 8 (copy provided). Answers on homework page of blog . Please go through any errors

My Maths revision – Ratio introduction homework Y6 task, Ratio dividing 1 Y6 task. Use the lesson tab to go through the learning again if needed. Rememeber, you are aiming for a minimum of 80%.

NEW MATHS TASK – Fun game to play to revise negative numbers 



Complete week 1 from your Ark English Mastery pack. You can write the answers in your Home Learning Journal.

Parents and children have free access to twinkl for a month – see details below.

go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Log on to Twinkl – search for Year 6 Reading Comprehension Assessment Pack – KS2 SATs questions and choose Term 2 fiction. Read the story and answer the questions either on the sheet or in your notebook. Use the answers to mark your work.




Wider curriculum… find out what happened at the Marples Hotel in Sheffield during the Second World War. Use three powerpoint slides to present your findings. Tell me what happened there, how many were affected (any individual stories) and any photographs. Post your powerpoint on the Google Classroom stream by 2pm on Friday.

First News on Line is free – Download an issue here.

Free Downloadable Issue


Some activities to keep your learning going if you wanted to do more are:

To access online reading books, go to: and log in using the same username and password as for Times Table Rockstars. Please do check that you have used the log in and not .com. You will need to enter ‘St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School’ to find our school page. Don’t forget, you can also read the books on your book shelf too. Keep a record in your log book so you can show us how many you have read.

Please keep up Times Table Rockstars as well. We will look at setting up competitions at some point.

You can also use your maths knowledge organiser to make flash cards and test yourself on the basic maths facts you’ll need for secondary school.

If you have access to Lexia, please use this to keep your English skills sharp too.

It’s important to keep fit and active during your time away from school. Use this link to find some activities.

This also looks interesting:

Stay safe.

Science Week part 2

This morning, Y6 had a visit from Dr. Evans and his team from Sheffield University. We learned about how fruit flies and zebra fish are used to find out how organs and cells work in the human body. This research can then be used to help scientists to understand how humans recover from infections and injuries.

The children looked at the flies and fish. We ended by playing fly and fish mutant bingo!

Thank you very much to our visitors. The children really enjoyed the visit and asked lots of interesting questions.

Science Week in Y6

Thank you to Angela’s parents for coming to talk to us about their interesting jobs today.

With Mr O’Flaherty, we learned about the construction of different types of bridges and how special equipment is used to check that they are safe. We were able to use some of the equipment too!

With Dr. Benes, we learned about the elements used to make mobile phones, followed by an interesting activity using the periodic table.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.