Digestion! The Journey of Food from Mouth to Poo!

What an afternoon we had yesterday! Some of it was fun, other bits were not so pleasant! We have been learning about digestion.

Before the holiday, we began by thinking about the different jobs our teeth do. We know that our incisors bite and cut the food  like scissors, our canines pierce food and our molars grind it into small pieces so we can swallow it. We reminded ourselves of these key facts by eating some celery and carrot. (For some of us, the celery was the most disgusting part of the topic!)

Yesterday, the real fun started! We followed the journey of a banana sandwich, a bowl of porridge, a cup of coffee and a Mars bar as it moved through the digestive system!

We used scissors to be our incisors.
We used a potato masher to be our molars. Did you know that the saliva in our mouths contains the enzyme amylase. This breaks down carbohydrates.
 Next stop, the stomach via the oesophagus! In the stomach, an enzyme called protease breaks down the protein.
 We all had a go at being the muscles in the stomach!
Not a great picture but these are the nutrients that were absorbed into the body when the food arrived in the small intestine.
The water is absorbed back into the body in the large intestine.

And finally, we do a poo!

British Science Week – Fish and Flies in Medical Research

Today, Iwan and Emily from Sheffield University came to tell us about their work in the field of biomedical research. They explained to us  how studying fish and flies is helping people to develop medical techniques for humans! They brought in fish and flies for us to look at and taught us about how their genes are very similar to those of a human. We used basic gene codes to draw mutant fish and flies. Some of our creations are below.

World Book Day

We have all had a lovely day celebrating World Book Day.

We had a visit from Dr Mike Boyle who has written a book called ‘Canary Across The Mersey’, which is all about a childhood experience. Ask your child to tell you about it.

We have made bunting and bookmarks,  had a quiz, a book swap and read to the children in Reception.

What will you be reading at the weekend?

Women and Girls in Science day

Yesterday, 11th February, was Women and Girls in Science Day. To mark the occasion, Y6 had a very special visitor: Victoria Smith from Victoria Smith Opticians.

She told us all about her career and explained lots of the science behind how our eyes work and why people might need glasses.

Checking which colours we can see
Trying glasses which gave an idea of the symptoms of different eye conditions.
Trying out £D glasses – Doesn’t Frank look cool?!
Trying on different glasses for fun.
Trying on a special device that allowed very partially sighted people to watch the TV. It made us look like we had massive eye balls!

WW1 Trench Re-enactment

There was great excitement today as we planned and took part in our trench re-enactment on the playground!

First, we imagined a character for ourselves, then we used boxes and card to make bayonets, guns, a dug-out and periscopes.

We set out the playground using furniture form the Y4/5 classroom. We used upturned chairs for barbed wire and tables in a zig-zag shape for the front line trench.

Finally we were ready! We took it in turns to be in the front line trench, the dressing station or the reserve trench.

The children really enjoyed it. It was great to see them applying their new knowledge from the topic.