WW1 at Longshaw

We have all had a fantastic day at Longshaw today.

We have found out all about how a wounded soldier would have been treated at the front and then sent back to Longshaw to recover from his injuries. Here, he would be cared for by volunteer nurses until he recovered from his wounds. Some men were sent back to France and Belgium.

Many of the Sheffield Pals Battalion were killed on the first day of the Somme. Very few survived without injury.


Finding out about St John Vianney

Today, we learnt about the vocation and commitment of the priesthood.

We found out all about St John Vianney, the Patron saint of Priests through a fact swap.

After the fact swap, we wrote our facts on a graffiti wall to help us remember them. We then chose our top nine facts that showed St John was committed to his faith and diamond ranked them.

Next week, we will use these facts to show how St John’s life was shaped by his faith.

Wonderful Collective Worship on Uniqueness

Today, two girls from our class led us in a wonderful collective worship about being unique. They used these words from James to help us see that no one is more important than anyone else:

1My dear brothers, you are believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. So never think that some people are more important than others. 2Suppose someone comes into your church meeting wearing very nice clothes and a gold ring. At the same time a poor man comes in wearing old, dirty clothes. 3You show special attention to the one wearing nice clothes. You say, “Please, sit here in this good seat.” But you say to the poor man, “Stand over there,” or “Sit on the floor by my feet!” 4What are you doing? You are making some people more important than others. With evil thoughts you are deciding which person is better. 5Listen, my dear brothers! God chose the poor in the world to be rich with faith. 

After the reading, we all wrote down something that makes us unique. We finished with a brilliant video about how special we all are.

Well done girls, it was a wonderful liturgy.

Gears, Levers and Pulleys

This afternoon, Y6 investigated different gears, levers and pulleys. They were looking to see how the direction or speed of force changed as well as finding examples of when a smaller force could be used to have a greater affect.

Investigating whether it is easier to open a tin with a long knife or a small coin.
Experimenting with changing the position of the fulcrum in a first class lever.
Investigating gears
Making a pulley
Investigating household objects to see if they are a gear, lever or pulley. The children were even able to talk about the class of lever!

CISV opportunities for Y6s

Please see the letter below from  Beth Turton on behalf of CISV Sheffield.

Dear Parent/Carer,

CISV or Childrens International Summer Villages is a charity founded over sixty years ago. Its purpose is to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world. CISV fosters the development of cooperation, friendly relationships, effective communication and leadership skills – irrespective of cultural backgrounds.

We have places for children aged eleven years to attend International Summer Villages in China and Canada next summer 2019. Many children from Sheffield have benefited from the experiences of these villages in the forty years we have been sending delegates to them.

The primary aim of CISV is to allow young people to learn about each other, make new friends and enjoy activities with them and it is also an educational opportunity that benefits children’s future development.

You may wish to note the following points about CISV:

– CISV has neither political nor religious affiliations

– International Villages last for four weeks. Each one is staffed by CISV members and hosts up to twelve delegations from various countries.

– A delegation consists of two boys and two girls who must be eleven but not twelve at the time of travel, accompanied by an adult CISV leader. All CISV leaders are fully DBS checked, and CISV has an extensive safeguarding policy.

– CISV participation is more than just a holiday and includes preparations for a Village.

– Accommodation and hospitality are provided by CISV, travel costs by the parents.

– CISV Sheffield retains the right to decide which children shall be selected as delegates and which Village they will attend

If your child would like to be considered for one of our Villages next summer, please come to the information evenings held on Sunday 25th November and the following Sunday, 2nd December at Beauchief Baptist Church, Hutcliffe Wood Road, Sheffield S8 0EY from 6-8pm. The first Sunday will be an opportunity for parents to find out more about a CISV

Village experience and what it involves and for your child to learn a bit more about what goes on at a village camp through games, activities and a chat.

More information about CISV programmes can be found at cisv.org/cisv-programmes/village and you can check out our new Facebook group CISV Sheffield

Yours faithfully,

Beth Turton on behalf of CISV Sheffield