Team Building Games in Year 6

We all enjoyed spending time together this morning working on challenges in teams.  First, we had to communicate and cooperate to get in height and then birthday order without moving off the line on the playground.

Next we had to work as a team to travel across the river using three pieces of newspaper without stepping in the water. There were some very clever ways of crossing, including piggy-backs! Well done everyone!

Sports Hall Athletics Training

We won’t be able to take part in the Sports Hall Athletics competition in the usual way this year.  Rachel, from our Links Sports Partnership, came in today to run the training session. Next time, she will collect the results and collate them and then enter them into the competition. This way, we are still competing against other schools, but not at the same venue/time.

Everyone enjoyed the first training session this morning.


Mental Health Day in Y6

Today, we have worked on  Mental Health Day activities.

This morning, we made leaflets about ways to cope with negative feelings; mindfulness colouring, meditation on imoves and celebrated what is good in our lives.

This afternoon we made origami book marks and listened to calming music.

It’s been a very enjoyable day!

Henri Rousseau art

We have been studying Henri Rousseau’s amazing rainforest paintings this week. We learned about his life – he didn’t even train as a painter!

Then we chose a painting and used a viewfinder to select part of it to sketch, then paint. We carefully mixed the colours to match the original.

National Poetry Day

We enjoyed spending the morning reading and writing poems. Mrs Marsh came in to read some of her favourite poems to us.

We read a poem called ‘Granny is…’ and then wrote our own poems about special people in our families. They were fantastic and are now on display outside the classroom. Well done everyone!