Adaptation at Weston Park

On our trip to Weston Park yesterday, we learnt all about what adaptations are. We then carefully studied different animals to spot their adaptations and explain why they had them.


These are peppered moths. We learnt how natural selection had led to changes in their colouring.
This is a mountain hare. One is the hare in its winter coat and one is the summer coat. Can you tell which is which?

In the museum itself, we completed the adaptation trail to look at how arctic animals are suited to their habitat. It has black skin, blubber, fine white fluff and then longer, thicker colourless hairs. All of these features work together to help keep it warm. Its teeth and claws have adapted to help it catch its prey.



Day 2

Dear Parents


It has been another good day so far. After breakfast, we met for The Main Event to discuss how we develop a friendship with God. Then the children went outside for their third activity. As you can see, no one managed to escape the rain!  The mudder was especially revolting! Nick even lost his shoes in the mud!

The children are now having Dorm Time with their leaders. This will be followed by a room inspection later so some have a lot of tidying to do! We have our final activity later and a bonfire with marshmallows tonight.


Y6 The Oakes Day 1

Dear Parents

We have had a great day! The children selected four activities and they completed two this afternoon. We have had zorbing, rafting, low ropes and the mudder. There have been lots of dirty and wet children!

This evening, we have discussed faith and church at the Main Event meeting. The children are now having some free time.

There is a big queue at the tuck shop! Lots of people are enjoying the indoor bouncy castle and air hockey. Later, we are having a huge game of hide and seek outside. Then, hopefully, a peaceful night!


World Space Week

On Monday, to mark World Space Week, the Y5 and 6 children had a Space morning. We used five of the activities in the Ogden Trust space pack to investigate different aspects of space. These were studying orbits, identifying the best material for a space suit, impact testing (to find the best material to build a space rocket from!), rocket launching and investigating and making parachutes. It was a great morning! We’ll show you some of the work the children produced soon.