Monthly Archives: May 2022

Field Trip to Carterknowle Park

This morning, the Y5/6 and Y6 classes visited Carterknowle Park to investigate changes in the local area.

The children drew maps, sketches, interviewed local people, made tallies and also made suggestions for improvement.

Everyone agreed that more seating is needed. Other ideas were a kiosk, more bins, a basketball court to replace the old tennis courts and a wild garden area.

Next lesson, the children will be working in groups to present their findings.

Star Relay – orienteering

Today, we worked together in teams of four to complete the star relay race. each team was given a control card and map of the school grounds. They needed to find a marker using the map, record the number on the control card and then race back to Miss Hartman to have it checked off before the next pair set off to find the next marker.

The winning team was Fran, Luca, Reuben, Kitty and Ifey. Well done!