For Children at Home

Hello Y6, We are sorry that you are not able to be in school with us at the moment. So that you can keep up with the work that we are doing in class this week, we would like you to have a go at the following activities.   

Maths Please look at the first five Oak Academy lessons on integers and decimals.

Lesson 1.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Understanding other powers of ten within one-million18m video

Lesson 2.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Reading and writing 7-digit numbers17m video

Lesson 3.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Understanding how the digits in a number indicate its structure16m video

Lesson 4.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Compare and order numbers to ten million20m video

Lesson 5.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Rounding to a required degree of accuracy17m video


English -Oak Academy lessons – Holes by Louis S4achar – settings and characters.


Please use Google Classroom to let us know how you got on. 

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