Home Learning Week Beginning 8th June

Hi Y6, Thanks for all your hard work last week. Here is this week’s tasks.


As you have found out, at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came to the disciples and gave them seven gifts. These gifts enabled the Disciples to go out and share Jesus’ message “love one another as I have loved you’. These disciples were witnesses to Jesus’ message. Some people today could be called modern witnesses to the message. These are people who do good things and look out for other people –  there are lots of modern witnesses around at the moment!

Your task is to choose someone who you feel could be called a modern witness because they live out Jesus’ message of ‘love one another as I have loved you.’ This could be anyone from a famous person e.g. Bill Gates, or a friend or relative of yours. When you have chosen them, please write a letter to us to justify why you think this person could be called a modern witness. Please upload your letters to Google Classroom

This week’s prayers: www.tentenresources.co.uk/daily-prayers-for-home


Key Learning for the Week – To revise simple, compound and complex sentences.

Tasks (please complete these in order):

  1. Go back to the Memory Challenge Grid on types of sentences from the week beginning 4th May. Another copy has been attached to Google Classroom if you need it. Look through it again and check your answers. Write down three key points about the different types of sentences.
  2.   Go to BBC Bitesize English, 2nd June. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zvmw7nb
    1. Watch the video on BBC Bitesize.
    2. Read the information about how to develop a simple sentence into a complex sentence. These are all about a character called George.
    3. Read about the six categories you need to think about to develop a character.
    4. Watch the second video, which is about characters
    5. Complete the character creation quiz (activity 1 on Bitesize)using the worksheet (you can write your answers in your notebook)
  3. Super Challenge (Activity 2 on Bitesize) – Use your understanding of different types of sentences to write three complex sentences about the character you have created. Either upload these to your section on Google Classroom or write them in the private comments section.
  4. Complete the Twinkl activity (Activity 3 on Bitesize) on BBC Bitesize. Write your answers in your notebook. There are three levels of difficulty. The first task is the least challenging. It is up to you to choose one – we expect most of you to do number 3.



We will continue to use the Oak Academy maths lessons this week. We are covering the second five lessons on coordinates and shapes. These are:

  1. To recognise 3D shapes.
  2. To recognise nets of 3D shapes.
  3. To solve problems involving 3D shapes.
  4. To illustrate and name parts of a circle.
  5. To solve practical problems involving circles.


As before, please submit a comment in the private comments box daily to say how you have got on. If something was tricky, please tell us what that was and how you managed to solve it. We are leaving feedback, including questions, so please do check back and answer these.

Continue to play TTRS for five minutes a day.


If you were in school as normal, we would be doing our new science topic on materials this half term. There are science lessons in the Y5 area on Oak Academy that cover this topic so we are going to use some of these. For this week, please follow the lesson on how igneous rock is formed. As with all the Oak Academy lessons, there is a quiz to do first. Let me know how you get on.


Additional activities – Here is the Primary Science teacher Trust sheet for the week.



We have uploaded each groups collaborative PowerPoints to the Classwork section. Please have a look at each other’s and leave a comment (which should be a star and a wish) for at least one of them.


Starting secondary school – Please watch this video which might answer some of the questions you may have. We will start preparing for secondary school when we return to school.



See the attachment on the google classroom for activities to do every day next week to improve your fitness.

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