Home Learning for the Week Beginning 1st June

Hi everyone! We hope that you have all had a lovely half term break in the sunshine. Here is your home learning for this week.


It was Pentecost yesterday. Can you find out what that is?


I have said what happened during Pentecost.

I have listed the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Please upload your work to the Google Classroom.

Here is the link for the daily prayers




We will continue to use the Oak Academy maths lessons this week. We are covering the first five lessons on coordinates and shapes. These are:

  1. To describe coordinate positions on a grid.
  2. To translate simple shapes.
  3. To reflect simple shapes.
  4. To solve practical coordinate problems (lesson 4).
  5. To solve practical coordinate problems (lesson 5).


As before half term, please submit a comment in the private comments box daily to say how you have got on. If something was tricky, please tell us what that was and how you managed to solve it.

Continue to play TTRS for five minutes a day.


Pobble 365 task

KL – To use inference skills. To identify and select more effective verbs.

Look closely at the picture and read the story opener. Answer all of the question time section and the sentence challenge. Attach your work to the classwork section.

SPaG task

KL – to revise standard English and formality.

See the memory challenge grid on the google classroom. Print it or write the answers in your home learning book. Let us know your score in the private comments section please.


Complete the quiz on the google classroom to recap on the work you have done so far. Let us know your quiz score in the private comments section. Good luck!

Next, we would like you to work together in a group to research and then present information about evacuation of children during the Second World War. You will be placed in small groups, and then you will use the google classroom to chat about the task and decide what each person in the group will do. The completed presentation should be attached in the classwork section.
Your presentation will have the following sections (one for each person) or, if you have a group with fewer than 6 people, some people may choose to do 2. The sections are –
Front cover with title and contents
Introduction – Why, when and how evacuation took place
Items children were allowed to take with them
Evaluation in Sheffield
Children sent abroad
Children’s different experiences


Here are this week’s activities from the Primary Science Teacher Trust.



Tips for starting Secondary School. Please watch the clip on google classroom. We will be doing lots of transition work with your new schools when we return to school.


Optional football skills and fact sheet on google classroom.

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