Welcome back and home learning for wb 27th April

Hi Y6! We hope that you have all enjoyed your Easter holiday and that you were able to relax with your family and enjoy the lovely sunshine.

Mrs Pearson enjoyed reading, being in the garden, going for walks, playing badminton and frisbee and eating chocolate! Mrs Clements also enjoyed reading, going for walks and being in the garden.

Here are your activities for the week. Just try to do as much as you can and please don’t worry about home learning.


Here is the link to the Prayers for Home page



SPaG 1. – complete the memory challenge sheet  – spelling and vocabulary. This is attached in the classwork section.

SPaG 2. – apostrophes for possession and contraction on bbc bitesize. Watch the clip, read the information, then complete the quiz for both.



Writing – go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zvkg9j6

Watch the clip from Roald Dahl’s Boy. In the clip, everyday things, such as eating sweets and chatting with friends are brought to life by vivid description. The author uses verbs ”…the sherbet fizzed in your mouth” and adjectives such as ”Gobstoppers were enormous, hard round balls” to create a clear picture for the reader.

Your task is to write a paragraph to describe something you like to do. For example, eating something you enjoy; jumping into the swimming pool on a hot day; the moment you step into the football ground to watch your team play; the moment the film starts at the cinema; visiting someone special, like a grandparent. Remember to choose your vocabulary really carefully to bring the scene to life. Can you use a simile too? Attach your paragraph to the classwork section.

Reading – read the current issue of First News (attached in the classroom section).



We thought we would give the Oak Academy lessons a try this week. This is a website set up by lots of teachers to support you with your learning.

Understanding fractions is so important for secondary school and so we have decided to have this as our main focus for the next few weeks. If you click on the link below, it will take you to a page on the Oak Academy website that has different lessons for Y6 all about fractions. There are enough to do one lesson per day.


The idea is that you do the quiz first so that you can see how much topic have remembered. You then watch the video of the lesson. In the middle, you pause to have a go at the independent task (you find this by clicking on ‘Next Activity’). Use your notebook to record your work. You then watch the rest of the video so you can see how you got on in the independent task. Finally, take the quiz again to see if you have remembered more. We will set up a page in the classwork section for you to report back about how you got on with each lesson.

Tip – for the independent task, use the next slide button, not the play button.

Start with the lesson called ‘representing fractions’ then move on through the rest in order.

If you have any questions, use Google Classroom to get in touch.


Below is a copy of some fun activities you can do at home.

Primary Science Activities SINK OR SWIM

Primary Science Activities at Home

Topic – World War 2

Watch this from BBC class clips –


Create your own timeline to show the events covered in the film clip (starting during Victorian times). The Victorian Era was from 1937 -1901 so you should start your time line at the year 1900 and finish in the year 1940 (just after the start of the war) on a landscape piece of A4. Once you have your timeline in place, re-watch the video and add in the main events that led up to World War 2. Add your work to google classroom.


‘You Guess Me’ challenge page in the classwork section. You will need a timer for this. Have a go at the activities with a parent / carer or sibling. If you are working on your own choose 10 activities and set yourself a timer for 2 minutes and complete each one – have a 30 second rest between each activity. That will contribute to 20 minutes of your 60 minutes of vigorous activity target – well done!

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