Easter holiday

Hi Y6

Thanks again for all your hard work this week.

We wish you and your families a very Happy Easter. We hope that you stay safe and well, and enjoy this special time together.

Here are some activities for you to do over the Easter holiday. Please note – these are optional. There is no expectation that you complete home learning if you would prefer not to. However, we would like you to continue with your daily reading, which is very important. Go to offschool.org.uk/get-creative/making-a-fantastic-bookmark/ if you would like to make yourself a bookmark. See Google Classroom for your exciting reading challenge!

This blog and the Google Classroom will not be updated over the holiday period (10th – 26th April). If your parents have any urgent information, queries or safeguarding concerns, please can you ask them to email Mrs Evans on d.evans@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk.


Here are links to the Sunday service and prayers to say at home.


Prayers for Home – Access


Maths Investigations from Nrich

Here are two investigations from the Nrich website that yo9u could have a go at. There are lots of others on this website too.

Two Primes Make One Square

Flora had a challenge for her friends.
She asked, “Can you make square numbers by adding two prime numbers together?”

Ollie had a think.
“Well, let me see…  I know that 4 = 2 + 2. That’s a good start!”

Have a go yourself.  Try with the squares of the numbers from 4 to 20.



Magic Vs
Place each of the numbers 1 to 5 in the V shape below so that the two arms of the V have the same total.

How many different possibilities are there?
What do you notice about all the solutions you find?
Can you explain what you see?
Can you convince someone that you have all the solutions?
What happens if we use the numbers from 2 to 6? From 12 to 16? From 37 to 41? From 103 to 107?
What can you discover about a V that has arms of length 4 using the numbers 17?

There are lots of other maths investigations on Nrich too.


Mini project. Can you find out about the peppered moth? Why does it link to the work you did on Charles Darwin?

Here are some Easter Challenges from the Primary Science Teacher Trust

Awesome Easter STEM Challenges



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