Home Learning – Week Beginning 6th April

Hi Y6! Hope you have all had a good weekend.

We ‘break up’ from school on Thursday for our Easter holidays so there isn’t quite as much to do this week. We will post some holiday activities though nearer the time. These will be optional.


It is Holy Week this week. Your task is to find out what the Easter Triduum is (own words please. Do not copy and paste) and then explain which of the Triduum you think is the most important and why. Please upload your work to the classwork section in Google Classroom by Thursday 9th April at 11 a.m.

Here is this week’s link to prayers at home:



Complete the Memory Challenge sheet – punctuation. This is in the classwork section on Google Classroom. Write the answers in your home learning book.

Complete week 3 of the Ark English Mastery home learning pack if you have it (there’s no need to do the writing task though).

Go online and search for pobble 365. Go to ‘pick a day’ and select 8th April. This will take you to a picture called The Mountain Pass. Look at it very carefully. Then read the story starter. Your task is to complete the ‘sentence challenge!’ You will need to use the ideas suggested to write a description of the mountain pass. I am looking for interesting vocabulary to really bring the scene to life. Also, try to start your sentences in different ways. Post your paragraph in the classwork section by Thursday 9th April at 2 p.m.

Remember to keep up with your daily reading. It’s very important!


We have uploaded arithmetic paper 9 to the classwork section of Google Classroom. Remember, you get 30 minutes to do the test.
You don’t need to print it out, you could do the answers in your notebook or on paper.
Go through it when you have finished and make any corrections you can.
Please share your scores in the classwork section when you have done – we would love to see them!

Use your maths knowledge organiser to write three questions you could use to test a friend’s knowledge. If you can upload these questions to the classwork section, we’ll pick some and make a quiz for you.

Maths game – optional https://nrich.maths.org/squareit

Science – This is optional

Can you answer the questions in this quiz? See the information sheet from last week’s blog for help. You can write the answers in your books to save printing the sheet. Let us know how you get on.

Charles Darwin quiz sheet

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