Update Tuesday 31st March

Hello again Y6,

It is lovely to see the tasks that you have been working on, thank you.

We’ve just got a few updates. Firstly, if you haven’t already, please do log into Google Classroom. Ask your parents to get in touch with school if you don’t have a log in.  Please look there each day if you can.

Secondly, we are looking at your work on Lexia (if you have it), TTRS, My Maths and on Google Classroom. We are leaving feedback and hope that you will respond to this. Please do make sure that you have read the instructions carefully – 3 times maybe :- ) – to make sure you know what to do. Sometimes, you don’t need to ask a question as the answer is there for you or someone else has already asked. These are all important skills for secondary school.

Please do think about the work you are doing on Charles Darwin. We have uploaded a story sheet to help you. Make sure you follow the success criteria on the blog and that you tell us if you agree with him being on a £10 note. Feedback has been left for those submitted so far.


Online Safety

Mrs Sadler has sent some information about Online safety lessons which might be of interest to you. She has asked you to look in the Online safety part of the blog.


Have a good day everyone.

Mrs Clements and Mrs Pearson 🙂

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