Added Tasks – Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning Y6.  We hope you are well.

Audible is giving free access to all their children’s books at the moment. Use this link to access this:


Extra Maths:

Here is a maths challenge for you to have a go at if you have done the My Maths and the arithmetic test.:

You can explain your answers in a word document and upload them to the Classwork section of Google Classroom if you want to.  Please show how you have been systematic.

Please continue to use TTRS each day – this is just as key for success in maths at secondary school as it is at primary school.

Similarly, continue to learn the key information on your maths knowledge organiser. Test yourself using flash cards.


Here is a paper plane challenge from the STEM centre. You can upload any photos to Googl Classroom. I’ll set up a folder in the classwork section.

Make It Fly

Continue to use Google Classroom to keep in touch and ask any questions.

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