Wonderful Collective Worship on Uniqueness

Today, two girls from our class led us in a wonderful collective worship about being unique. They used these words from James to help us see that no one is more important than anyone else:

1My dear brothers, you are believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. So never think that some people are more important than others. 2Suppose someone comes into your church meeting wearing very nice clothes and a gold ring. At the same time a poor man comes in wearing old, dirty clothes. 3You show special attention to the one wearing nice clothes. You say, “Please, sit here in this good seat.” But you say to the poor man, “Stand over there,” or “Sit on the floor by my feet!” 4What are you doing? You are making some people more important than others. With evil thoughts you are deciding which person is better. 5Listen, my dear brothers! God chose the poor in the world to be rich with faith. 

After the reading, we all wrote down something that makes us unique. We finished with a brilliant video about how special we all are.

Well done girls, it was a wonderful liturgy.

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