Crucial Crew

Today Y6 went to Crucial Crew. The trip was aimed at showing us how to be a responsible person as we get ready for secondary school. We were shown the possible hazards we might face, precautions we could take to be safe, how to be an independent person and the responsibilities we need to understand by law.

One of the activities we did involved acting out a court case. We got to see what a magistrates trial looked like and even saw the inside of a prison cell.

We were taken into a garden , where a bin was on fire. We were told to stand there and wait. Suddenly a woman appeared and explained to us that we had been tricked us into arson and trespassing. She explained to us about how dangerous it was setting fire to things like bins when we didn’t  know what we were in them.

Other activities we did included learning how to be safe on the bus. We also learnt how to cross roads safely (without headphones in or messing with phones!). We revised what we had done about Cyber bullying and even learnt some first aid!

All Y6 were an absolute credit to the school and to their parents today. The presenters all commented on the children’s behavior and engagement in the sessions. We were very proud to be with them.

Very well done Y6!



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